Olympus Trip 35 Repair

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Full Olympus Trip 35 repair, service and refurbishing for your classic Olympus Trip 35 camera, with parts and labour warranty. Well established Olympus Trip 35 camera sales, repair and refurbishing specialist since 2003. Camera recovering available, with wide range of custom Olympus Trip 35 skins to choose from.

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Olympus Trip 35 camera parts also supplied – please enquire for availability.

Olympus Trip 35 cameras were produced from 1967 to 1984, with some significant variations in build. We have very specialist knowledge of all versions from the first production run to the very last. We use quality light seal replacement materials in the film chamber and, if required, internally (between shutter blades/rear of optical lens and film chamber).

Also see our sister website at olympustrip35.jimdo.com for more Olympus Trip 35 products!

Olympus Trip 35 Repair

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